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    "...Compositions are full of poetry and inspiration ! Technically, this is perfect"

    Michel Haumont

    "The wonder of the modern picking Shai Sebbag continues to introduce our ears to the art of travel ..."

    Guitare Seche Mag

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    International Guitare RendezVous V

    19th november


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International Guitar RDV : small edition

12th april, 8pm

Holy Grail Guitar Show (Berlin)

5-6th may 2018

French Tour with Maneli Jamal


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Press Contact : Veevcom severine@veevcom.com


New hope of the french guitar, Shaï Sebbag travel the world, far beyond our borders, and "initiates our ears to the art of travel , or rather , his journey" (Acoustic Guitar Mag) . Artist with many influences, east Slavic music, modern fingerstyle , Shaï has become a major guitarist in France ,following the release of his fourth album "Transe", acclaimed by the biggest names in acoustic guitar (Muriel Anderson, Michel Haumont...etc ) and the press (Acoustic Guitarist, Guitar Mag, The Guitar Channel... ). Over the tours he has shown in prestigious venues such as the "All Star Guitar Night" in Los Angeles (Second french guitarist in 20 years), the International Jazz Festival in Koktebel Crimea or closer to home the festival "The Sensitive String" in Bordeaux, alongside Juan Carmona and Biréli Lagrène .

More about Shaï

Shaï began learning guitar at 16 years old, self-taught. It begins with the classical music. 3 years later, he discovered the bossa nova, studying the great masters of style: Antonio Carlos Jobim, Toquinho ... etc. 7 years later, it is a musical shock : Shai discovers fingerstyle and jazz.
Very quickly, Shai compose in this style. His second composition "Celtic Dreams" won a competition organized by Jean-Felix Lalanne, allowing him to go on stage at the Casino de Paris, for "All stars guitar 2006".

In 2010, the album "Kiss and Fly" was born. The album receives a warm welcome and the Shaï present on many prestigious stages in France, but also in Ukraina. The particular technique developed by Shai and based on partial capos Kyser attracts the attention of the American company, who decides to invite Shaï in a Best Of. Shai is the only non-American in this Best Of, where he is listed Phil Keaggy, Trace Bundy, Michael Manring ... etc.

After 2 years of compositions and concerts (Ballainvilliers Festival, Kharkiv Opera, Ukraine Embassy ... etc), Shaï starts recording her second album "1001 Nights", which was released in October 2012.
In November 2012, it is showing the International Guitar Festival of Issoudun, alongside Larry Carlton, Toure Kunda, Gareth Pearson and many others.
In September 2013, Shaï was invited to the prestigious Festival Jazz Koktebel, Crimea, showing with Erik Truffaz, Nils Petter Molvaer, Omar Puente Quartet, The Hardkiss ... etc.

January 2014, it's the dedication : Shaï played at All Star Guitar Night, chaired by Muriel Anderson. The All Star Guitar Night is a charity concert taking place in Los Angeles and bringing together the biggest names in the guitar for almost 21 years: Mike Stern, Tommy Emmanuel, Martin Taylor, Lee Ritenour, Stu Hamm and many others !

The year 2014 is very intense, first with a duet with the amazing solo ukulele player Adrien Janiak, and the release of a duet album

June 2014 : the third album of Shaï "En Equilibre" (In Balance) released. A big success in the guitar world.
After that, Shaï made a very long tour (8000 kms through 5 countries).

His 4th album, "Transe" (released the 10th of february), will be follow by the "Transe Tour" 2016 : Mexico, France, UK, Spain, Germany...etc


August, September, October 2016 French tour with Maneli Jamal, Holy Grail Guitar Show
June 2016 International Guitar RendezVous with Muriel Anderson, François Sciortino & Jean-Felix Lalanne

April 2016 Gig with Mike Dawes, MusikMesse (Frankfurt)

March 2016 Zihuatanejo Guitar Festival (Mexico), Guitar Day (Mutzig), Shaï Sebbag & friends (with Michel Haumont, Julien Bitoun, Raphaëlle Dess & François C Delacoudre)

September/October 2015 Kibele solo gig (Paris), Issoudun International Guitar Festival, Arcachon...etc

July 2015 Graines de Guitare : gig and MasterClass

May 2015 Champlitte Guitar Festival : gig and MasterClass
First Official Video, for the title "Into The Wild"

March 2015 Festival Les Cordes Sensibles with Juan Carmona & Biréli Lagrène

2005 from 2014 : All Star Guitar Night 2014 (Los Angeles), USA Tour, East Europe Tour, Belgium Tour, Concert with Michel Haumont and Muriel Andersion, "French All Star Guitar Night 2006", "Kharkiv Opera", "Scène Bastille", "Festival of Ballainvilliers", "Tchernigov Philharmonique of Soumy", "Kibélé", "Les Guitares de l'Espoir 2010"...etc


VIDEOS ______


Into The Wild (2015)


SynchroDestiny (with Maneli Jamal) (2017)


Jerusalem of Gold (2016)


Uri - duo (2016)


Duet with Adrien Janiak (2014)


Interview on TV5 Monde (2016)


1001 Nuits, duet with Pavel Ignatyev (2013)


Original Soundtrack of Journey to yourself (2013)



Limited offer : 2 CD Pack !

Pack + shipping : 33 euros (instead of 40 euros - international shipping)

International Shipping :
15€ (+ 5 € shipping cost)
With or without Songbook
Buy "En Equilibre" with or without the Songbook (Digital PDF - 10 euros). The Songbook alone is available HERE

"One of the biggest names in comtemporary guitar", TV5 Monde

"A musician at the top of his art", Guitare Seche Mag

"Virtuoso of acoustic guitar", Guitare Passion

"One of the Fingerstyle Master", Journée de la Guitare

"Awesome... a great player with a great sense of melody", Mike Dawes

"Awesome fingerstyle guitarist...", Afro Guinée Magazine

"Fantastic album...a personal universe, with a great musical touch", Eric Tessier, "Place aux fous" radio

"La guitarra magistral y majestuosa de Shai Sebbag", Radio DEMESENLLA (Espagne)

"Balance between fingerstyle guitar fans and lighter new age fans and that’s the new age line I am happy to walk", Folk Word (Germany)




International Shipping :
15€ (+ 5 € shipping cost)
With or without Songbook
Buy "En Equilibre" with or without the Songbook (Digital PDF - 10 euros). The Songbook alone is available HERE

"...Compositions are full of poetry and inspiration ! Technically, this is perfect", Michel Haumont

"...influences from North Africa to Pierre Bensusan to Jean Felix Lalanne evident", Minor7th

"Do you think that the acoustic golden age stop at Marcel Dadi ? Have an update with this album !", The Guitar Channel

"...the tightrope of emotion...subtle recovery Caravan", Acoustic Guitarist

"...A guitar player who excels in fingerstyle and jazz", Musicali

"...Pieces brilliantly executed, most intimate compositions that blend oriental sound", Accords & a Cordes

Just CDBaby :-)
Sha� Sebbag: 1001 Nuits
Just CDBaby :-)
Sha� Sebbag: Kiss and Fly

Kyser Best Of Two

Avaible in USA (Kyser)

"Best Of" by Kyser, the manufacturer of famous "quick-change" capo and the "short-cut" capo, very usefull for the composition of Shaï.
Shaï is on this album, with :
- Michaël Manring
- Trace Bundy
- Phil Keaggy....etc



Press Kit : PDF or DOC

Henri Prichard, Artist Manager (oustside France)
P: +33 6 73 00 67 65
E: henri.prichard@gmail.com
Séverine Berger, Press Manager - VeevCom
E: severine@veevcom.com


Songbook "Transe"

Digital Edition (PDF) at 10 euros

This songbook present the 10 solos guitar of the album "Transe"
Every songs have a technical comment to help you to understand the score

A permanant link will be send you, to download the Songbook (8Mo)


Songbook "En Equilibre"

Digital Edition (PDF) at 10 euros

This songbook present the 10 solos guitar of the album "En Equilibre"
Every songs have a technical comment to help you to understand the score

A permanant link will be send you, to download the Songbook (10Mo)




1001 Nuits
Mon Alter Ego
La Danse de la Reine
Shalom Aleichem
La Danse du Vautour
New Soul - Yaël Naïm
Voyage de Nuit
Old Irish Coffee
Vivtsi, moï Vivtsi
Kiss and Fly
Celtic Dreams
Oriental Dreams
Escape from Myself
Song for Chany


Taylor 712ce
The brand new stage guitar of Shaï : precise, beautiful sound, light and perferct for fingerstyle !
AER Compact 60 III & AK15 Pick-up
The reference for amplification. Shai use it on stage. The AK15 is use on the Barytone guitar : deep & natural sound without feedback
Capos Kyser
Without Kyser capo, the Shai's music would not have been the same...the short-cut capo was a revolution for Shai...
Strings Blacksmith AOT NanoCarbon Light
Shai fall in love with this fantastic strings, natural, deep tone and long life ! And the Blacksmith team is very cool :-)
Thumbpick NIGLO
New signature steel thumbpick "Shaï Sebbag" made in France, by le NIGLO. You can find 2 types :
- N-OB-SHAI : bronze
- N-OA-SHAI : silver


Guitar Katrina Barytone Fanned Fret, by Franck Labarre alias Gumb Guitare
Franck is a french luthier, and this guitar is a true masterpiece. A very very deep sound, with a B for the last string ! New challenge and music for Shaï
Alizé Fleur de Lys Guitar, by Thomas Fejoz
Thomas Fejoz is a french luthier. Shai use this guitare since 2006 and you can hear it on all Shai's recordings and albums
K&K Trinity
K&K Trinity offers the best sound to communicate feeling and tone
Musician's Design Jack
Musician's Design : the best jack and made in France !


Guitar Channel
A partner and a major actor of the guitar on the Web !
Guitare Sèche Mag
The french magazine for acoustic lover. Shaï is a teacher for us, in the advanced fingerstsyle technics area
The only one french web specialist about all the guitars
Deyan Parouchev
Official Photographer of Shaï
Up Line
UpLine Studio
THE sound of the album "Transe". The studio is very close to Paris, in a beautiful charming house : a highly professional sound engineer, very cool and close to your needs !
Color Sound
Color Sound, the french sound gourou ! "En Equilibre" album result from the work of these guys !